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Marissa Spencer is an entrepreneur and consultant specializing in helping people develop the business planning systems and financial confidence they need to succeed. She is the owner of Fusion Salon and the Urban Collective. Fusion Salon is a full-service hair salon and the Urban Collective is an artist-run mixed-use studio space.  She is a recent graduate of the University of the Incarnate word with a MAA in organizational development. An active volunteer, Marissa regularly serves her community through the Junior League of San Antonio and over the years has served in a variety of roles for other non-profits.

Why have you decided to serve as a Trailblazer for the JLSA?

Even though I have been a part of fundraising efforts in the past, I feel that this is an area I would like to continue to grow in. Being a trailblazer will not only allow me to contribute to an amazing organization, it’s a chance for me to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. I am grateful to JLSA for believing in me and giving me this opportunity.

Who and/or what inspires you to pave a path in our community?

My inspiration to be a community leader comes from a variety of experiences and people and I think listing them all would make this answer to long. So, I will just name a few. First and foremost, I am inspired by God to just be the best human I can be and lead by example. My mother inspires be to be strong and gracious in the face of adversity and all the leadership that is modeled in the JLSA inspires me to stretch myself physically and mentally.

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