Jenni Lord is the founder and CEO of Chosen, a nonprofit organization committed to transforming the child welfare system through effective, life-on-life mental and behavioral health services for families. Under Jenni's guidance, Chosen has relentlessly fought to bring healing into homes since 2014--regardless of a family's ability to pay for services. 
Jenni first encountered the child welfare system in 1995 when her foster brother entered their family as a toddler. His story and five-year adoptive journey had a profound impact, and she has had a desire for systemic transformation since. After several years in the business sector, she founded Chosen. Today, Chosen offers proven telehealth services to families who have been touched by the child welfare system. 

Jenni has a background in Communications, Psychology, and Counseling. She has extended her professional training with a Nonprofit Management Certification, along with certifications in Leadership and Fundraising. Part of her role is advocating for systemic policy reform, and she is active in both federal and state affairs.

Jenni has served in multiple board and leadership roles locally and nationally, including most recently as Texas Chair of the national Family Focused Treatment Association (FFTA). She is a founding member of the Family Coalition’s church movement for More than Enough in New Braunfels, TX, and is intimately involved in Unicity’s Decade of Family in San Antonio.

Jenni is extremely passionate about children healing from the trauma of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Equally, she is dedicated to strengthening families as agents of healing for their children. It is this passion and dedication that makes her a true trailblazer for our community. 
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