The Junior League of San Antonio is so grateful for each and every one of our 2023 donors to the Paving New Paths Centennial Campaign. Thanks to you, we will be able to help pave the path to mental wellness for all children in San Antonio! Scroll down for links to all our past donors!

In the hiking world, Trail Angels are locals who are not actively hiking the trail but who serve hikers who are by doing good deeds, such as running van shuttles from the trailhead into the nearest town or leave snacks at certain stops along the trail. We want to especially thank our Trail Angels, who are those donors who have made donations of $500 or more to our Paving New Paths fundraiser.

*2023 Trail Angels (donations of $500 or more as of 5-1-2023) 

  • Danielle Rushing Behrends
  • Billian Family Charitable Foundation
  • Alison Boone
  • Nell Glazener-Cooney
  • Amanda and Scott Crouch
  • Hazel Davis
  • Rodney Gray
  • Delaina Harrison
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lende
  • Rachael Smith Ohnemus
  • Kristen Palme
  • Patsy and Henrik Palme
  • Stephanie Reese
  • Sarah Tamayo

*All 2023 donors to campaign (as of 5-1-2023)

Anonymous  Kristen Palme and Matt Edel Rodney Gray, Wave Healthcare
Teri Palmer M Aline Wang Pooja Palimar
Sheila Mayfield April Dickson Delaina Harrison
Alexis Link Priest Abigail Dickson Zora Dickson
Martha Dawson Patsy and Henrik Palme Sarah Tamayo
Lynette Bernot Rachael Smith Ohnemus Angela Hospenthal
Cassie Schneider David Neugebauer Steve Daugherty
Julie Littlefield Sandy and Bob Knight Clayton Littlefield
Custom Gavia Anne & Mike Faringer Javier Paredes
Jessica Mewborne Lucy Dawson Hazel Davis
Danielle Ostert Lizette Davis Sandra Villanueva
Leticia Villanueva Billian Family Charitable Foundation Dr. Elizabeth Lende
Stephen May Caroline Barry Marc and Shirley Schomerus
Cassie Schneider Aubrey Littlefield Sara Drew
Howard Burnett Christy Garber Melissa Cornelius-Freyre
Lorena Pena Carolyn Mulvey Cliff Crouch
Sheila Kelley Ophelia Guerra Yvette Buckley
Rachael Smith Onemus Edward Bailey Lilly Frost
Nickie Deck Jo Ann Stevens Brock Wright
Kelly O'Mara Natalie Ramos Antoinette Asemota
Cindy Lech Leighanne Glazener Alison Boone
Cassandra Ottmer Hilary Smith Amanda Crouch
Sadie Ilse-Schweers Greta McFarling Leah Smith
Leigh Munsil Suzanne Dickie Debbie May
Kim Davidson Kelly Good Teresa Leonard-Shaheen
Jennifer Johnston Allie Safran Beth Bowers
Ashley Jenkins Courtney Glazener Alexa Violante
Renata Violante Mena Brittani Devine Giulia Girardi
Lindsay Rodriguez Janice Murphy Samantha Flick
Catherine Gantt Mercedez Sylvia Melanie Stanley
Julia Mann Marisa Strumeyer Sarah Wannarka
Jennifer Renkly Ryan Changes Courtney Wilhelm
Lauren Podnos Terry Adams Stephanie Reese
Jodie Bible Jimena Saenz Danielle Wisniewski
Crystal Fuller Jessica Mayberry Lily, Thea & Gracie Family
Natalie Baker Kelsey Burke Kari Galindo
Sheila Ocooney Celia Morales Albert Dickson
Kathryn Lookadoo Emily Christen Adam and Mollie Cason
Emily Daugherty Chala McDonald KarieAnn Bondesen
Rhea Mahbubani Kelsey Clark Hird Stryker III
Caitlyn Peterson Katie Shuster Leslie Viehman
Marcus Veltri Marc Nelson Capiello Javier Villaneuva
Jessica McAnelly Sarah Schimpff Christine Niikura
Nicole Augustus Nell Glazener-Cooney Villanueva Family
Stephanie Reese Chris and Anna Kaihlanen Taylor Vines
Holly Paczak Martina Winston Jessica O'Connor
Mindy Miller Hill Anna-Melissa Cavazos Shannon Creekmur
Bethany Smith Emily Somerville Susan Moss
Anne Sears Traci Strickland Kara Olson
Taryn Anderson Sheena Hollander Katherine Rodriguez
Joy McGaugh    

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