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Dr. Amita Kumar is a Canadian-born physician who practices preventive medicine in a primary care setting. She earned her internal medicine degree in Dublin, Ireland, and has been practicing medicine in San Antonio for 5 years. 

In primary care, there is a large population of patients who need psychiatric and psychological services without many resources, and thus Amita has learned to help her patients with her training in medicine but also realizes that it often needs a multi-factorial approach.  

In her spare time, Amita enjoys spending time with family and traveling. She strives for a balance of healthy eating, exercise, and fun in her life. Her newest interest has been mindful meditation as she continues to aim for a well balanced physical and mental well being. 

1) Why have you decided to serve as a Trailblazer for the JLSA?

I am a strong believer in education and educating our children. I also believe that in order to educate our children it is crucial to educate them academically, physically, and emotionally. 

I would like to support JLSA in their mission to support Clarity because this helps our community raise well educated, healthy children, our future. 

2) Who and/or what inspires you to pave a path in our community?

I am inspired by all the people around me. I believe we all have a role to play in the responsibility of our community. We are stronger together.

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