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Caitlin Moreno graduated from Texas State University with a BA in fine arts in 2015. After graduating she began a new venture enrolling in barber college where she met Mario Moreno, her husband and business partner. Now Caitlin is currently a part owner of El Camino Barber Salon in Jourdanton, Texas. However, the biggest privilege of Caitlin‘s life is to be the mother of their six children. Caitlin believes in putting her faith and family first and leaving things better than you found them.

You know that phone call you fear might happen one day? The one where you answer and there’s bad news on the other line about a loved one. This phone call happened for me when our sons school called and said that he was in the counselors office with suicidal ideations. That he had a plan on how he would end his life. He was 8 years old at the time.
Shock, fear, guilt, denial, so many emotions in a flash. What do we do? How do we help him? What are the next steps?
Clarity Child Guidance Center was that next step for us. The staff and facilities provided a comfortable environment during a very scary time. Our son got the help he needed for the thoughts and feelings he was having. Mental health awareness is such a priority for our selves and our children. I feel confident that our son will use what he has learned from Clarity for the rest of his life. Our family will forever be grateful for the doctors and staff at Clarity Child Guidance Center.

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