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Jacqueline Villanueva is a lifelong Texan and an educator at heart. In fact, much of her family, including her father, aunt, uncle, and other key role models, have worked within the realm of education. Despite this, she had plans to pursue a career in clinical psychology. However, after graduating with a B. S. in Psychology in 2017, she realized her calling to work with children and was recruited into the family business anyway. She began her journey in the industry by working with the district office of special education at Judson ISD. Shortly after, she moved on to land her first teaching position at Olympia Elementary as a Special Education teacher. It was here she learned the value that a child can bring to one’s life, as well as the impact that attainable resources, such as the ones provided by Clarity Child Guidance Center, can have on said child.

One such student she worked with had severe mental health challenges and needed resources like these. Despite Jacqueline having the proper guidance and the right team to help this child at school, any advances made in the classroom only lent themselves to setbacks at home. This happened regularly to many of her students since it sometimes took months to book appointments for any type of counseling or therapy.

In Summer of 2021, she left the classroom to join the ed tech company, Amplify, as a project manager, with the joint aim of giving equal access to literacy for all students. While leaving was a difficult decision, it did allow her the opportunity to join the Junior League of San Antonio in 2022. Jacqueline and her husband, Matt, also welcomed their first child in September of 2022. Having dedicated her professional life and now personal life to raising the children of our future, she is a passionate advocate for Clarity Center and all the lives that if continues to affect.

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