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Kayla Aragon is first and foremost a proud mother of a 6-year old stepson and a 16 month old daughter and is an active US Army wife. Originally from Florida she loves the beach and finds healing in any outdoor activity especially those that can include her husband, kids, and two rescue pups.  After spending a couple years studying sciences she took a mission trip and found her truest calling in the nonprofit world. Since then, Kayla has earned her Masters in Nonprofit Management with an emphasis in leadership and a graduate certificate in fundraising from University of Central Florida #GoKnightsChargeOn. She is also a certified Nonprofit Professional through the National Leadership Alliance. Her nonprofit career started in the pancreatic cancer community before being recruited to build a bridge between medicine and philanthropy where she spent years traveling to train medical students, pre-medical students and physicians on leadership and integrity in medicine. Currently, Kayla works in Emergency Management where all her time (seriously they've been on 24/7 response since March of 2020) is focused on providing help to those impacted by crises. Whether it be a global pandemic, a hurricane, a wildfire, or other disaster all people need to be reminded of their worth and picked back up on their feet.  
With a natural heart for helping she joined the Junior League in Florida in 2018 finding a community of like-minded women. She transferred to JLSA in 2020, completed her transfer year and is now the assistant transfer chair. She is excited to serve the League in various ways including being a trailblazer. 
What's my why? 
I grew up unknowingly crippled by anxiety in a family that suffered from mental health pains but didn't talk about it. It wasn't until college that I had the freedom to get the help I desperately searched for growing up and got a true diagnosis and answers to so many questions. Now that I have children of my own, the cycle stops here. Mental Health and particularly mental health of children is invaluable. Struggles are not shameful, it's not something to be embarrassed about, and it's not something to hide. I want to ensure my kiddos are comfortable asking for what they need because they are educated and have the resources to get help. The same should be true for all children. If this can play even a small part in creating a safe place for children's mental health well then sign me up! 
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