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Kevin Gerrish is a man who doesn’t like to talk about himself, so here it goes…

Winterset, Iowa, is a small town best known for being featured in the film "The Bridges of Madison County," but even better known as the birthplace of Kevin Gerrish. Kevin made his way to Texas in 1993. After graduating high school at Lake Travis, he found himself in San Antonio working as a delivery man for a small business. With a passion for detail and solving problems, Kevin soon found employment with Toyota Motor Manufacturing prior to the start of production in 2006. It’s highly likely that any Toyota Tundra on the road in the late 2000s was stamped off by Kevin, confirming its superior quality. Since his start at Toyota, Kevin has had the opportunity to hold many positions and currently works as a Safety Specialist. In addition to his work life, Kevin spends his time committed to following the Chicago Bears and Cubs. He achieved a lifelong dream by traveling to Wrigley Field to see the Chicago Cubs win Game 5 and go on to win the 2016 World Series. This victory was made that much sweeter by witnessing Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Kevin’s favorite band, Pearl Jam) lead the seventh inning stretch and accepting the fact that grown men do indeed cry. An avid Pearl Jam fan, Kevin has traveled to see Pearl Jam 6 times over 2 continents. In between work and following PJ, Kevin enjoys brewing craft beer, spending time with his wife, Sara, and their three active Jack Russell terriers.

Through his 13 years of work with Toyota, Kevin has donated consistently to causes and organizations that seek to provide care for children. However, Kevin has always felt the need to do more. Unsure of how to start, Kevin was approached with an opportunity to raise funds that would directly aid children in need by the Junior League of San Antonio, an organization which his wife and sister-in-law serve as active members.

In the past year, Kevin has felt inspired by the numerous demonstrations and marches by those who feel the need to take a stand. Kevin has many friends who have children who face mental challenges and often participates in fundraisers and events that assist in their times of need. In a climate where hate and anger seem to cloud the minds of Americans, Kevin seeks to keep the focus on the needs of innocent children whose mental care remains in limbo.

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