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This is our second year to participate in the Paving New Paths campaign with the Junior League of San Antonio. We are committed to helping children suffering with mental health issues. First, a little about us: Beckett and Palmer are siblings and are one grade apart, both attending Lopez Middle School in NEISD. Beckett is a seventh grader, and Palmer is a sixth grader. Kristen is a current JLSA Board Member, and volunteer since 2011. We all enjoy reading, horseback riding, soccer, mountain biking, and playing outdoors. We feel lucky to live in San Antonio and to be blessed with lots of friends and family in our great community.

We have been volunteering and fundraising together for several years. Beckett and Palmer have tagged along in various Junior League volunteer/fundraising events, such as I Love JLSA Day, Viva 5k and Holiday Ole. We also have enjoyed our family time volunteering at the San Antonio Food Bank and SNIPSA. We have had opportunities to fundraise through our schools over the years in ways benefiting the schools as well as others in San Antonio who needed some extra help. We are thrilled to participate as Trailblazers for the second time by partnering with the Junior League and Clarity Guidance to give back to our community in a very impactful way.

We have personally seen the stress kids are under these days, and mental health and wellness is such an important issue that too often gets ignored. Giving our teachers and counselors the tools they need to intervene early will make such a difference for struggling kids and their families. Together we can help improve the lives of kids in our community. While we are tasked with raising $5,000, we have set ourselves a personal goal of $10,000.

Please consider supporting this cause by donating today and helping to make a difference in our community! We thank you for your support and partnership in addressing mental health.

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